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James has been dj-ing and generally involved with electronic music since the late 80's. An avid music collector from an early age, he played his music endlessly at small underground parties. This rapidly projected him to starting his professional dj career with a residency at Heaven in the early 90's at the awesome Megatripolis nights, and honing his skills at the likes of Club UK, The End, Tribal Gathering, Glastonbury, Return to the Source, Escape From Samsara etc. and to starting up the now legendary record label "Flying Rhino Records".

Over the last year he launched his new label "4Digitalaudio" with Grant Collins (Excession) from which to deliver, not just his own solo productions, but also "4D", the project he co-produces with Grant. The label has had a phenomenal response from the high rollers in the scene, with massive support form the likes of DubFire, D-nox, Funkagenda, Nick Warren, Dave Seaman, Paul Oakenfold, Hybrid, Mark Knight, Anthony Pappa, Stephan Bodzin, Umek, Hernan Cataneo, Toca Disco etc.

His love of deep, hypnotic music has found him being asked to bring his unique approach to dance music to clubs and parties all over the world, from Amnesia in Ibiza in the early 90's to the underground clubs of tokyo, paris, and new york, festivals and open-air gigs in europe and the UK, canada and the US, morocco, south africa, south america, asia, australia, new zealand, israel etc. Essentially there are very few countries james hasn't kicked up a storm in.

James travelled to Brasil in 2002, fell in love with the place, and now bases himself there for some of the year. He was one of the founders of "Tropical Beats", one of the first agencies and labels bringing new artists and fresh sounds from Europe to Brasil. TB had residencies at the likes of D-Edge in Sao Paulo and Home in Rio, and James has played at most of the major clubs and open air festivals in the country (Pacha-SP, Privilege-RJ, Anzu-Itu, Ibiza-SC, Vegas-SP, Manga Rosa-SP, Fiction-Go, Kraft-SP, Label Club-BH, Deputamadre-BH, XXX-Perience, Tribe, Universo Paralello, Skol Beats, Chemical Music..etc.)

Known and loved as much for his music as for the immaculate skill and feeling with which he puts it all together, he has always blurred the lines between techno and house, and he seamlessly delivers a funky, deep, but powerful and emotive mix that never fails to drive any dance floor.

With lots of releases in the pipeline, James is very excited to be heading back to Brasil for the summer season and unleashing his new arsenal of sonic delights onto the dancefloors...

You can check out his discography on the "Discogs" link below.

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